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IndiPro Consultants provide professional guidance to companies that are interested in moving their manufacturing facility to India. In a globalized world, companies are looking to manufacture their products at offshore locations, not just to achieve price competitiveness, but also to streamline their supply chains ensuring seamless flow of raw materials and finished goods. India with its vast pool of skilled and semi-skilled labor along with low cost land and beneficial tax structure is an ideal place for companies looking to diversify their supply chains. Lack of regulatory compliance makes it extremely easy for companies to manage their operations from India. Hence, companies can reap a lot of benefits in terms of low costs and tax savings by shifting their manufacturing to India.

IndiPro Consultants provides advisory services at a very nominal fee in the following areas

1. Availability of raw material to manufacture finished goods

This is the first step in our advisory services. Based on your product and raw-material requirement, we will provide a preliminary analysis on the availability of raw materials manufactured locally (as per specs) or whether some specialized material may be required to be imported. This step provides an estimate of the raw material cost of the process if manufactured in India as compared to other developing countries like China or Mexico.

2. Hiring of Labor

We provide assistance in hiring the best labor that have the necessary set of skills for smooth operation of the plant. The key position is hiring the Plant operations Manager, who will be responsible for managing the plant. Filling this position with the appropriate person is critical in future success of the plant. We also help you in providing other employees as per your requirement.

3. Plant set up and start

We can help in acquiring industrial sheds on lease or purchase in industrial parks, ensure all regulatory compliances are met and help in procuring of machinery, locally or imported.

4. Protecting Intellectual Property

We give utmost priority that all intellectual property of the company is protected even if it is not patented. We believe this is extremely important in maintaining the company’s profitability and long term sustainability. We work with companies in determining ways to safeguard their secrets even if they are not protected by patents or copyrights.



IndiPro Consultants is wholly owned by Mr. Shekhar Bafna. After completing his Masters degree in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Cincinnati, he has worked in quite a few startup companies both in US and in India and has extensive experience in setting up manufacturing plants and research labs. Mr. Bafna is very passionate in applying scientific and engineering principles to solve technical problems. He is always keen to provide excellent services to his clients.
Our goal is to help companies interested in relocating their manufacturing work to India, mainly to guide them with acquiring/leasing industrial land, hiring labor, setting up manufacturing unit and ensuring that over a period of time the India unit is self sustainable and works with minimum supervision. In case you are looking to offshore to India and need professional assistance, please fill the form below and we will get back to you at the earliest.
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